We’ve made some minor changes to the class schedule for this month.

I’m pulling the ATA Pistol II class on May 22 due to lack of signups. If you guys out there are reading this and want in on that class, then contact me and get signed ASAP up so I can belay that cancellation. I don’t know that you want in if I don’t get signups.

I will be adding a weekday ATA Rifle I class to the schedule on Tuesday, May 24. I’ve had quite a few of you ask about weekday classes, and the stars have aligned such that we will be having one this month. If you’ve been asking for a weekday class, or you want to learn how to run your fighting rifle, then make sure to get to the signup page and register for class.

As always, you can signup or get more information about our classes by clicking the buttons below:


Click here for ATA Pistol I + KY CCDW Click here for ATA Pistol II Click here for ATA Rifle I  

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