About Our Instructors

Dillon S. Gentry

Dillon S. Gentry

Owner and Head Instructor

Since I was a small child there was one thing I wanted to be: a U.S. Marine. At 18 I enlisted as an 0311 Rifleman and recently completed my 6 year enlistment. I hold a bachelor’s degree in International Criminal Justice and Comparative politics. I am an NRA Certified Firearms instructor, as well as an avid practitioner of Brazilian jiu jitsu, and I would advise all Citizen-Warriors to be the same.

During my time in the USMC I observed a multitude of styles of leadership and training which assisted me in developing my own. As a fire team and rifle squad leader, I developed an ability to analyze situations and discern the best course of action. I’m constantly growing and challenging myself because I know that there is always more to learn, but I enjoying passing on what knowledge I currently have to others of like mind. I believe there is no substitute for consistent, quality training which what you get with ATA.  As a firm believer in the fighter-leader concept I have a great deal of admiration for Ben, and it is a tremendous honor to be a part of ATA.

  • NRA Firearms Instructor
  • NC-CCH Certified Instructor
  • 6 Years as 0311 in USMCR- Squad Leader
  • Multiple Expert Marksmanship Awards (USMC)
  • SOI Class 12-12 Combat Marksmanship Award
  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Criminal Justice/ Comparative Politics – Appalachian State University