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We train Citizen-Warriors to fight with rifles and pistols. Protect what’s yours. Do what’s right.

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Concealed Carry



Want to protect what’s yours? Our Pistol I class will get you up to speed on fighting with your handgun, and it meets the requirement needed to obtain a Kentucky CCDW Permit.


Firearms Training Classes by Appalachian Tactical Academy

Are you interested in self-defense firearms training? Do you need to take a concealed carry permit class? Are you looking for tactical pistol or tactical rifle training courses? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Appalachian Tactical Academy has your back. We provide real firearms training classes tailored directly for you, the armed civilian. You won’t find any puffed-up egos or off-the-wall craziness here – just safe, effective, and fun firearms training classes taught by a combat veteran and certified firearms instructor. Whether you’re just looking to start out with basic safety and marksmanship classes, get concealed carry permit training, learn to defend yourself with an advanced concealed carry course, or take your tactical rifle skills to the next level, Appalachian Tactical Academy has a firearms training class to meet your needs!

ATA 2018/2019 Update

To all of our loyal followers and trainees, you may recall earlier in the year an announcement that ATA would not be hosting any classes in 2018. While that remains true, we have another announcement to make. Many of you have met me at classes over the years, my name...

ATA and Training Schedule Updates

Just wanted to make a quick announcement to update all our followers and customers on what's happening with ATA. The short version is that we won't be teaching any classes in 2018. The longer version is this: I apologize for the silence over the last few months. In...

Small Unit Tactics: Ted and Ting

Tactical Fundamentals So I want to start writing more about tactics, because we have to lay some groundwork in tactical fundamentals before we can really talk in an informed matter about certain other topics of interest to the Citizen-Warrior. So what exactly do I...


Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Permit Training Classes

Firearms Training Classes for Armed Citizens

If you want high quality, no-nonsense firearms training classes, then you’re in the right place. We provide safe, effective tactical self-defense courses for armed civilians. 

  • Get KY Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) permit training.
  • Take a tactical rifle course to learn how to use your AR or AK.
  • Get training on how to use firearms for self-defense.
  • Go beyond the basics with advanced concealed carry training.
  • Have fun while learning gun safety and marksmanship.
  • Available for private classes and mobile training courses.


Advanced tactical rifle and pistol training courses
Advanced firearms training courses
Firearm safety and marksmanship training classes
Advanced Concealed Carry Firearms training classes
Self defense weapon training classes
Tactical rifle training courses