Below is a list of the classes we currently offer or plan to offer in the near future. You can see that the list is small, and this is for good reason; we provide real training, not “tactical entertainment.” Here at ATA, we focus on the two most important weapons for the armed citizen, namely the pistol and rifle.

Our goal is to make you as efficient as possible with your weapons and teach you how to integrate your skills with others through teamwork and tactics. There is no need to muddy the waters with additional superfluous classes. Take a look at our selection; I think you will find classes to meet your needs. 


Private and Mobile Training

We are also available to conduct training at your location. We can do private training for an individual or group, and we are also able to do open enrollment classes at your location (free tuition for the host). We can use private property for the training as long as it is safe (there must be a backstop). Contact us if you’re interested in hosting an open enrollment class at your location or doing private training for yourself or your group.

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