ATA Pistol II

You must be an ATA Pistol I graduate to take this class.

There are only so many hours in a day and only so much information we can fit into one class. With that in mind, we developed ATA Pistol II in order to build on the foundation laid in Pistol I. Pistol II has two primary goals: to teach you important gunfighting skills that we couldn’t fit into Pistol I, and to increase your speed and accuracy with your pistol. We are confident that after walking away from Pistol II, you will have the confidence and skills you need to fight and win in the worst situations. Look below for a list of topics we cover in this class.

  • Close-range gunfight tactics
  • Off-hand-only shooting.
  • Retention shooting techniques
  • Gunfighting from disadvantageous positions
  • Shooting from behind cover
  • The Gunfight Battle Drill
  • Critical thinking with a gun in your hand
Prerequisite: ATA Pistol I
Duration: (1) Day, 8-10 Hours

Price: $150

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Equipment You Will Need

  • Eye protection
    • Students are required to wear eye and ear protection in our classes!
  • Ear protection
    • We strongly recommend electronic muffs
  • Note-taking gear (ie: pen and paper)
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather (rain gear is also good – we shoot rain or shine)
  • A packed lunch you can eat on the range.
  • A water bottle or camelbak (we will have a water cooler on the range)
  • A good attitude and willingness to learn

*The links above are just intended to serve as examples/recommendations for the listed gear. Students are not required to bring the exact thing in the links, just the same type of item.