Here at Appalachian Tactical Academy, our mission is to provide high quality tactical training for the Citizen-Warrior in order to keep good people safe. We despise evil, and so we commit ourselves to delivering the highest-quality instruction possible. We believe that life is too precious to leave undefended, so one of our deepest desires is to help good people learn to protect themselves and others.

Regardless of whether you are civilian or military, work in law enforcement or retail, we will treat you with the same high level of professionalism and respect. We are not elitists; none of our classes are restricted to military or law enforcement because we believe that the private citizen’s life is just as important as the life of the police officer or the soldier. We are not egotistical; everybody who comes to an ATA class is treated with the decency and respect that one human owes another.

We only teach material relevant to your needs: if you’ve sought training in the past and been disillusioned by the “tactical entertainment” industry, then rest assured that you have finally found what you’ve been looking for. We provide training in real skills and tactics for the real world. The techniques we teach have been proven on the field of battle in real life-and-death struggles. When we tell you that we offer the best, rest assured that it’s the truth.

Our students’ safety, both in and out of class, is our top priority. Our instruction and encouragement are designed to enhance your safety once you hit the streets. On our range and in our classroom, we ensure a safe and professional learning environment for all of our students. All our instructors are gun-handling professionals, and we take every reasonable step to mitigate the risks inherent in tactical firearms training so that you can put your mind at ease and learn what we have to teach.

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