ATA Rifle I

Want to learn to use that AR15 or AK that you bought during the panic?

The rifle has been called the queen of personal weapons, and we think that title is well deserved. The semiautomatic rifle is the primary tool of liberty and security for the armed citizen, and it should be your first choice for defense against violent attacks. ATA Rifle I will teach you the foundational skills you need to wield this awesome weapon effectively in close-range defensive engagements. The curriculum has been designed to cover the most important topics to jump-start your rifle training. Look below for a list of topics we cover.

  • Tactical considerations for using the rifle in a defensive encounter
  • Real-world rifle safety
  • Getting the rifle into the fight
  • Transition drills
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Shooting on the move
  • Using Cover
Prerequisite: None
Duration: (1) Day, 8-10 Hours

Price: $150

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Equipment You Will Need

  • A semiautomatic fighting carbine or “assault rifle”
    • AR15, AK47, SCAR, etc
    • Pistol Caliber Carbines are acceptable
  • A sling for your rifle/carbine
  • (500) rounds of quality ammunition for your carbine
  • At least (5) standard capacity magazines for your carbine
  • Load Carrying Equipment for Magazines & Gear
  • A duty-style or fighting handgun with (2) magazines
    • No pocket pistols. A Glock 26-sized gun is about the smallest gun appropriate for the class.
  • 100 rounds of quality pistol ammunition
  • A holster that completely covers the trigger guard
  • Gloves (Trust me – you will want to have gloves for this class)
  • Eye protection
    • Students are required to wear eye and ear protection in our classes!
  • Ear protection
    • We strongly recommend electronic muffs
  • Note-taking gear (ie: pen and paper)
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather (rain gear is also good – we shoot rain or shine)
  • A packed lunch you can eat on the range.
  • A water bottle or camelbak (we will have a water cooler on the range)
  • A good attitude and willingness to learn

*The links above are just intended to serve as examples/recommendations for the listed gear. Students are not required to bring the exact thing in the links, just the same type of item.

BZO Zeroing Exercise AR15 Tactical Rifle
Engaging targets with an AR15 fighting carbine
Tactical rifle training with Appalachian Tactical Academy
Demonstrating the kneeling position
Training to shoot the rifle on the move
Shooting on the move
Contact Rear!
Checking groups during the zeroing exercise
Shooting from behind cover
Training to fight with an AR15 Carbine
Checking groups
Shooting the serpentine drill
Firing the rifle from standing to kneeling
Firing the carbine around cover
Shooting while moving laterally
Teaching the transition drill