Before I write anything else, just go ahead and sign up for this class! I just recently turned 28 and this class was kind of a present to myself. Money well spent! 
I work in a white collar world to support my blue collar lifestyle. I’m and avid archery hunter and have been shooting guns since I was about 14. At the beginning of this year I took on a new challenge and built my first AR-15. I did some recreational shooting early on and enjoyed it, but I felt that something was missing. I wanted some real training! A simple search lead to find ATA and I immediately liked what I read. ATA RIFLE I looked to be the exact class I was looking for. 
I’m from northern Kentucky and believe me the 2 hour drive was worth every second. As soon as the class met Josh, I think I speak for everyone when I say he was ready to make this a fun day for everyone. 
This was my first class ever and Josh did the perfect job of keeping things safe, on schedule and fun for everyone. He had my attention the entire class, there was not a wasted minute. First thing we did was zero our rifles at 50 yards and went from there. We did a few shooting drills but to be honest – and I may be the only one – but my favorite part was working through the clearing malfunctions drills. In the real world these things happen and you have to be ready. He took the time to work with me and show me step by step how to work through the malfunctions. That alone has made me a much more confident shooter. 
In the afternoon we worked on more drills of the “running & gunning” variety, but they weren’t the drills you see on YouTube, all Hollywood type stuff. These drills had real life, real training purpose. I’m a left handed shooter so it was nice to work through these drill with Josh so he could show me better movements or transitions while moving to suit a lefty. We moved side to side, serpentine, and behind cover, all of which I now feel more comfortable doing! 
Granted this was my first rifle class, and I’m still very new to this type of shooting, I still feel like the foundation built in this class was exactly what any new shooter should look for. I highly recommend this for you! Looking forward to Rifle 2!