In our current milieu we are surrounded by what appears to be a sea of violence; making sense of the violence is almost as difficult as understanding that it has happened. How does one attempt to reconcile goodness and wholeness with this violence? I do not know. When I was in college I studied philosophy and theology eventually leading to a major and minor. I wanted to answer a paradox: why is it that bad things happen to good people. To no surprise, I had learned that thousands of minds have penned different thoughts regarding the same question over the centuries. Regardless of what point in our shared history there have been injustices, there have been infractions on our shared humanity, there have been very bad things that have happened to very good people. I have concluded that the paradox which had fueled my undergraduate career, cannot be solved. One must reach a conclusion that is palatable for oneself; regardless of one’s conclusion we cannot allow the violence to deter us from living an abundant life.

Having excellent professors in college, they assisted me in my quest for knowledge. These professors took the time to work with me on a personal level and attempted to steer my studies towards finding solutions. These men and women, learned in their craft were able to steer me and guide me to better understand my quest.

Being an armed citizen is a great mantle of responsibility that one may place upon themselves. Carrying a loaded firearm is much different from carrying a folding knife. In one instant you may have to decide if you will have to change your life, your family’s life and the individual behind your front sight. I hope no one has to make that decision but being trained by Appalachian Tactical, I have never felt more confident in my ability to be an armed citizen.

My day spent with Appalachian Tactical Academy was a lot of fun, the class well thought out, and very educational. As an instructor, Josh Bales was incredibly animated and well educated. His knowledge of human physiology from his experience as a first responder was an absolute boon to taking the class. Just like the excellent college professors I mentioned earlier, Mr. Bales spent time with each of us correcting our shooting errors, directing our courses of fire at one of the best set up pistol ranges I have ever fired upon.

Having been trained by law enforcement agencies within the Commonwealth of Kentucky I can say that I learned more regarding my ability to handle a firearm after spending a day under Josh Bales’ tutelage. He presents information in such a way that any person, regardless of skill level or tactical understanding can benefit. If you make the decision to carry a weapon, make the decision to carry and be willing to be taught more than handgun skills. If you are ever made to confront evil, make ready to defend yourself or your loved one’s by being trained by one of the best, Appalachian Tactical Academy and Josh Bales.


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