I went into my ATA Pistol I class with very little knowledge about how to properly use a pistol. I had done some shooting at the local ranges for fun but never really knew the basics. I have the pleasure of working with the owner of ATA, Josh Bales. He had mentioned his tactical academy and I was immediately intrigued, so after some time, I decided that this would be a wise decision to better prepare myself for the unknown and become an informed citizen in regards to using a pistol.

The class was an all day affair, with good balance between classroom and range time. We were given a short intro into what we could expect on the range and other valuable information pertaining to concealed carry and basics of using a pistol.

On the range we shot over 250 rounds and went though a number of basic drills to assess accuracy, proper holstering, drawing a weapon, clearing a jam, moving drills, among others. You definitely won’t lack shooting time, so no worries about that.

I cannot compare this class to others, as this was my first, but what I believe sets ATA apart from other basic pistol classes is the time and energy put into it by Josh Bales. He worked all day setting things up, presenting us with the facts, showing us the ropes, ensuring we didn’t continue to make mistakes, and going the extra mile to ensure we were ready to take on any obstacle we might face in the event we have to use deadly force.

I recommend this class to anyone – beginners and advanced shooters alike, there is absolutely something for everyone. You will walk away more knowledgeable and informed, and the best thing is that you’ll be prepared to defend yourself in the event you’re faced with a life threatening situation.

Do yourself a favor and take this class!