[Below is a review from Tim. Tim took both Pistol I and Pistol II in December. He’s a great shooter, and I can tell he’s a good dude. He also let me shoot his suppressed rifles, so that was pretty sweet. Pay attention to what he says about things like the role of physical fitness, instruction vs. training, and his view on the need for classes like these even after years of experience.]

Pistol 1 was a great class. I liked the way you went back and forth between the range and classroom, it really keeps it interesting and is a good balance. It’s a better option for getting a concealed carry permit versus the standard CCW route.  You’re going to pay around $80 for the CCW class and get good instruction, but when I took mine in the early 2000’s, that’s more or less what it was: instruction. Pistol 1 is training; you learn everything from the draw stroke, to useful drills, and as in CCW classes, you learn about legal aspects of using deadly force. I will continue to recommend this course to family and friends looking for training or those interested in getting a concealed carry permit.

Pistol 2 picks up where Pistol 1 leaves off, but with more range time. Pistol 2 was even more fun than Pistol 1. I really liked the timed shooting [We do some drills on the shot timer in Pistol II to get better at accuracy at speed – those drills are addictive]; it also showed me some areas I needed to work on that I had no idea about. Although physical fitness and skill is not a requirement for the class, it showed me how important it is to be in better shape for self defense scenarios. Pistol 2 is a great way to learn the skills like clearing malfunctions [We also clear malfunctions in Pistol I, but Pistol II gets you a lot more reps in on it as well as teaching you more about clearing them in other situations], and the need to practice what was learned to be a better “armed citizen”. There’s so much more to it than just buying a gun and carrying it. You need to learn to be proficient and be ready. This class was well worth the money and time. I’ve carried for years and always wanted to get professional training. I really appreciate the patience and great attitude from ATA. I’m looking forward to the next class.