[Josh here. I’m going to take a page from John Mosby’s book (of Mountain Guerrilla – look him up), and write all my comments in bold, italics, and brackets. Normal font will represent what the student actually wrote. Below is a review from Renae, a young, intelligent lady who took Pistol I on Dec 12. She was a great student, and I am happy to post her comments below.]
I thought the class was great. I had no idea how little I knew about guns and gun safety. [This is the most common comment we get from shooters of ALL experience levels.] I have been around guns my whole life but I had never used them with a holster. It was a lot of information in 9 hours. Some of the things that was presented in the class I thought I could never do, but I did! I learned how to use the sights and aim properly. I learned how to draw from a holster.  I also thought the videos we watched in class were very informative, and allowed us to see how things can play out in the real world. The thing I valued the most was learning how to create a jam and how to fix it! [To clarify: we only create the malfunctions so that we can learn to fix them. I don’t want you going around making your gun malfunction on purpose!] I wanted to take the class not only to get my CCDW but to learn how to safely handle a gun and to be a better shot, and I feel like I got both of those things out of the class. 
I thought you and Brooke done a great job presenting the information and demonstrating it. You both were very knowledgeable about what you were teaching and it really showed! You both demonstrated safety procedures throughout the whole class. I felt like I was holding up the class at time because I was not as advanced as the other shooters. [She wasn’t holding things up at all! The other shooters in the class did have more experience, but we moved through the curriculum at the same rate we always do. I remember telling Renae that she was her own worst critic; she did a great job.] Overall I loved the class, learned so much and I will recommend your classes to everyone !!! 
[So there you have it, the first student review. Thanks for the kind words, Renae; you were a pleasure to have in the class.]