Today I’ve got a video on shotguns for you all. I’m a rifleman at heart, but I do believe that shotguns have a place in the Armed Citizen’s arsenal. Give it a watch for my take on shotguns, and stand by for future videos where I will hit the range to teach you skills and drills to up your defensive shotgun game. As always, please like the video, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share the link with your friends if you feel like you got something out of it.



Josh Bales is a Level 10 Paladin with an 18 in Charisma and over 100 Hit Points. He gained most of his XP by serving in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer, where he deployed to Afghanistan as a Rifle Platoon Commander. He has been training in combative shooting and tactics for the past 11 years, and teaching these topics for the past 8 years. He currently resides in Southeastern Kentucky where he spends time doing cardio, powerlifting, fighting fire, reading, and just generally training for the fight.