Listen up, you apes!

Thanks to you, the students and followers of Appalachian Tactical Academy, our first year in business has been what I would consider a huge success. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not at all new to training people to be gunfighters, but I am new to running a business. If I can be real with you for a second? Like really real? This year has been full of ups and downs for Brooke and myself with regards to ATA. Everything started off pretty slow, but then in July it was like the classes just took off. Now we are regularly filling classes up, and we already find ourselves needing to expand in order to keep up with demand.

I’m humbled and grateful every single time I get to meet a new student who made the decision to spend their time and treasure training with ATA. The whole reason that I started this business is because I’m a true believer in the need for America to have more trained, armed patriots willing to do what needs to be done in order to preserve the security and liberty of this great nation. To that end, I want to announce a few changes in how ATA is going to run training… Really I guess that I just want to announce one particular change for now… We’ll get around to the other changes later this year.


Class Size and New Instructor

I wanted to keep class sizes small when I first started ATA in order to maximize safety and training value, but during the last two training weekends, I ended up with more students than slots. As a result, Brooke and I have decided to increase our maximum class size to 12 students and take on an additional part-time instructor. Not all classes will go up to 12 slots; our new instructor is a part-timer, so whether we take 8 students or 12 will be based on availability.

Now with all that said, meet this guy:


Dillon Gentry


I served with Dillon in the Marine Corps, and he has been an excellent rifleman, team leader, and squad leader – just an all-around great infantryman. He’s very proficient in all the rifle/pistol material we teach at ATA, as well as small unit tactics and patrolling (subjects I plan to teach in the future). I’ve watched Dillon work hard in training, and when the time came to look for additional help, he was the first guy to come to mind. Expect to be seeing more of him here at ATA.

AND DON’T FORGET!! We will now take up to 12 students in our October classes (Dillon is not available for September), and there are only two open-enrollment training weekends left in Training Year 2016. I’ll still teach private group classes as requested, but that’s all for open enrollment. Two runs of ATA Pistol I and one run each of ATA Rifle I and ATA Pistol II. Get to the class registration page and sign up today!

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Benjamin Adams is a Level 10 Paladin with an 18 in Charisma and over 100 Hit Points. He gained most of his XP by serving in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer, where he deployed to Afghanistan as a Rifle Platoon Commander. He has been training in combative shooting and tactics for the past 11 years, and teaching these topics for the past 8 years. He currently resides in Southeastern Kentucky where he spends time doing cardio, powerlifting, fighting fire, reading, and just generally training for the fight.