ATA Rifle II


Take your rifle game to the next level in ATA’s Rifle II class. Rifle I teaches you how to get your rifle into the fight and keep it running, but Rifle II covers the “what next” of using this powerful weapon. One of the biggest strengths of the rifle is the ability to make good hits at a much longer distance, and you’ll learn to do just that. In Rifle II, you will make hits with your rifle at 200+ yards. You won’t need specialized scopes to do it, either. We will show you how to do this with whatever sights you have on your rifle, iron sights included. If you have learned the basics in Rifle I, then come to Rifle II and see what you can really do with your long gun. We will cover:

  • The individual React to Contact drill
  • Trajectory and considerations for rifle battlesight zeros
  • Using a rifle from awkward positions
  • Intermediate distance rifle shooting (50-200+ yards)
  • Snapshots
  • The 100y Run & Gun Drill

Duration: (1) Day/8-10 Hours
Prerequisite: ATA Rifle I
Price: $150
Equipment List:

  • A semiautomatic rifle with a sling (AR15, AK, etc)
  • 500 rounds of quality rifle ammunition
  • A duty-style or fighting pistol
  • 100 rounds of quality pistol ammunition
  • 2 pistol magazines (or 1 speedloader)
  • 5-6 rifle magazines
  • A holster that completely covers the trigger guard
  • A belt
  • Magazine carriers for rifle and pistol magazines (chest rig, belt-mounted, armor-mounted, etc)

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  • Eye protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Note-taking gear (ie: pen and paper)
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather (rain gear is also good – we shoot rain or shine)
  • A water bottle or camelbak (we will have a water cooler on the range)
  • A good attitude and willingness to learn